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13 October 2013 @ 08:01 pm
LFRV Daily  
   Since trying 80 10 10 I felt better and better about myself, my health, my house, and where I live. Everything has the potential to get better and for me raw food started it all. It uses food purely for energy and health. It's was such a vibrant way to live it made me so happy that I found this lifestyle.
I've healed from acne with scarring, migraines, headaches, hypothyroidism, seizures, PMS, digestion issues, insomnia, cellulite, anemia, depression and more. I always felt healthy and I rarely got sick with a cold but something was missing from my life, I wasn't feeling completely happy and full of life; I just never would have known it without trying 80 10 10.
   When I met my fiancee he told me about raw food. We did so many cleanses together and started to feel more and more alive. With each cleanse or fast we realized we wanted to feel better and we did!
   As soon as we started raw food we really sped things up. I noticed that all of my conditions went away. I felt like I had the best vibrational energy moving through my body. It felt like each cell of my body was waking up. I lost that extra 10 pounds, my skin felt softer, I haven't had a migraine or headache since then, I slept better, I had the energy to workout, my breath smelt better, my consciousness expanded and I felt better than I could have ever imagined possible. You don't know until you try it!

   Thanks to Doug Graham, Freelee The Banana Girl, Durian Rider, Matt and Angel Monarch, Fully Raw Christina, Megan Elizabeth, Kris Kendall, Handy Man Bananas, and The Life Regenerator for all the amazing information and giving me the courage to try it!